In case you haven’t been following along, Samsung and Apple have been fighting in court quite a bit this year. Earlier this month Apple and HTC settled their differences and came up with a 10-year agreement deal. While this is good for HTC, Samsung has still been getting beat up pretty bad by those Cupertino lawyers but recently a Judge has thrown them a bone in regards to the HTC deal. Read on for more details.

Currently we don’t know any details regarding Apple and HTC’s settlement deal, but that could soon be changing. While the public might not hear all the details, Samsung has been granted access and HTC and Apple will have to give the agreement information over to Samsung. Originally Samsung CEO’s stated they had no intentions of settling with Apple, but we think they might be changing directions.

The Judge recently updated the ruling, stating that future and new devices can be added to this ongoing lawsuit throughout 2014. That’s pretty bad news for Samsung considering they already owe Apple $1 billion from the ruling. In light of that new change, it’s possible that Samsung and Apple might soon be coming to their own agreement too.

The settlement between HTC and Apple is a 10-year deal that covers all current AND future patents, from both companies. Keeping them out of each others way for a while. Samsung requested to see the information and has been granted that wish. Samsung also wants to know if Apple included “unique” patents that it does not offer to other companies in the deal. In the end Samsung is hoping the deal will make Apple’s patents look like they are only worth a certain amount, something they can use to get that $1 billion bill they owe Apple lowered a bit. Then hopefully this could even lead to their own settlement, but that is doubtful. The next injunction hearing between Apple and Samsung is early December, so get ready for more crazy lawyer talk. Who wants to play Deal or no Deal?

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