Behold! A completely awesome idea made real by the fine folks at ThinkGeek. This is JOYSTICK-IT, a cool little piece of metal and rubber that acts as a stick for your thumb to control joystick-based games on your Android tablet! Definitely a plus for those who play such games and get a major thumb ouch after every 30 minutes or so of jamming the finger down against the screen. It’s a complete vintage fantasy, and I simply must have it. Just as soon as I get a bigger tablet.

This little lady is made of solid-milled aluminum and the bottom is a combination of rubber and bumper so as to not wreck your screen while in use. Take a peek at the video below, note the inexpensiveness, and get pumped up because ThinkGeek says this item shall be available by the end of January 2011!

My apologies for the terrifyingly present iPad in the pictures and video, but that’s what it’s aimed at, so we must be strong for the greater good of the world.

[Via ThinkGeek]



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