Nintendo Switch has been going strong in its own right ever since it came into the realms of handheld console gaming. It is a flexible console bringing many uses other than the core gaming aspect. One recent one that has come to light is the use of Nintendo Joy-Con controller for clicking photos on your Android device. Yes, you can use it as a remote shutter button to take better selfies or long exposure shots while mounted on a tripod.

The trick has been discovered by a Reddit user [Byotan] who shared his hack with the world a few days ago. The user demonstrates how it is done in a very simple and understandable manner.

This trick comes in handy for people who are in the Android ecosystem and own the Nintendo Switch handheld console. By pairing the single Joy-Con controller to the Android device, the “A” button functions as a remote shutter button for steady shots with the phone.

To do it, after Bluetooth pairing brings the camera app to the home screen, open it to take a photo. For this you’ll need to select the app by pressing the “Y” button and based on the position of the app icon, you need to bring the marker over it.

Once it is selected you can open the camera app with the Joy-Con and then use the “A” button to function as the click shutter button. It can also vary depending on the phone you have.

For example on Pixel devices, you need to simply press “A” button while on Samsung devices you’ll need to use the “B” button to click the shot. The “X” and “Y” buttons are used for adjusting the zoom levels.

You can try this cool hack for yourself and let us know in the comments how did it work with your Android phone. Depending on the brand, we’re sure the process will be a bit different, like in the case of Samsung devices.


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