Jolla has unveiled their first smartphone, the Jolla, which is running the Sailfish OS. At present the Jolla smartphone has been officially unveiled, however it appears early days and some details are still on the lighter side. We do know the Jolla will be sporting a 4.5-inch display and as a plus for Android users, the handset will have support for Android apps. Of course, like the rest of the details, there are some questions surrounding the app support.

To begin with though, lets discuss the specs we have seen. The Jolla will have 4G connectivity along with 16GB of internal storage along with a microSD card slot, 8 megapixel rear-facing camera and a dual-core processor. That brings the first question, the process is still unspecified and at this time. There will also back cover plates that will allow you to swap out for different colors.

The back cover plates are dubbed “The Other Half” and they will actually do a bit more than just give you a new exterior color. Jolla has said these covers will be able to automatically adjust fonts, ringtones, profiles, color themes and more. The Jolla will also have a removable battery, however the battery size has yet to be mentioned. Sailfish is based on MeeGo and is said to be “gestured based.” As far as the Android app support, without having further details we bring up thoughts of support being similar to what we have seen announced for the BlackBerry.

Otherwise, at present the folks at Jolla are asking for your support — both from users looking to buy a handset and from developers looking to create Salifish apps. The Jolla website points towards what they are referring to as The Movement. Basically, this is a pre-order campaign that will give some perks for those willing to get in early.

The handset is priced at €399 (about $515 US) and is being sold contract free and unlocked. As for placing a pre-order, you can get the Jolla limited edition smartphone and Other Half, which comes with a t-shirt and priority pre-order status. The key here, you pay €100 up front and then pay the balance when the phone is actually available for purchase. Finally, at present the Jolla will arrive first in Europe and shipments are expected to begin before the end of the year.

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