Google Translate is definitely heaven sent but not all direct language translations are correct. It can be pretty useful but it can also cause miscommunication. The system isn’t perfect especially since we’re talking about several languages. We’re dealing with words here weaved together to convey a message. When misunderstood or translated wrongly, it may mean differently especially in languages that are written in symbols.

One example is the Indian language. Actually, there are 22 different languages in India. It’s not just Hindi–there’s Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu among others. While there are a lot of people who can understand these languages, Google is asking for more help in translating them.

Those in India and those who understand the languages can help by using the Translate Community tool. It is helpful but not always reliable. Google just announced the second translatathon in India for the languages mentioned. Using the tool, you can help in translating phrases directly. If not, you can also validate existing translations. You have the power to help Google this time and help the community have more accurate translations for more people.

This is the second time Google is kicking off a translatathon after a successful one last year. More than a million new Hindi translations were contributed by almost 20,000 participants. This translatathon on Google Translate Community tool is open until the 30th of December. Google even announced that they will be awarding Android One phones to the fifty (50) most active contributors. Join the translatathon HERE.

SOURCE: Google Translate Blog