This is action film director extraordinaire John Woo’s first dig in mobile gaming – he released a rather forgettable console game called Stranglehold – and it is called “Bloodstroke”. If you dig action games, you might want to check this one out, it is now available free (with in-app purchases) via the Google Play Store.

When you play on your mobile, chances are you aren’t looking for a deep and immersive plot to dive into – you’re probably just looking for a casual game to pass the time. This game will most likely tick all those boxes – there is a storyline (more on that later), but it’s really nothing to write home about. It’s the action game design that will probably get you.


The game has you playing as a female bodyguard to a valuable scientist-slash-client. You can probably guess the storyline from there – yes, there are baddies out there wanting to get to your client for what he has in his head, and you get to protect him with your kick-ass John Woo martial arts moves and gun skills.


The gameplay may be a bit repetitive, and the in-app purchase ads a bit annoying, but there is enough novelty here for you to want to pick up this game. The artsy take on blood spillage – red paint with the stroke of a brush, hence “Bloodstroke” (geddit?) – is sure to stand out on devices that have better graphics chips. Get the app from the source link, it will cost you USD$0.99.

SOURCE: Google Play Store