While we do hold our smartphones most of the time, there are moments when you need to relinquish it to a trustworthy holder, whether you’re riding a bike, doing serious photography or videography, or just because you need your hands free. And if you can’t just use any generic mount or holder, then you’d have to look for the most stable and maybe even affordable accessories. The Joby GripTight series has announced new products and it might just be what you’re looking for.

You’re not really supposed to have your smartphone out when you’re riding a bike. But if you actually need to use it for finding directions or something, you can go with a safe and stable mounting solution. The GripTight Bike Mount PRO can be used with any smartphone and can also fit on bike handlebars that are between 22.2mm – 35mm. It has over molded steel plates that can slide and lock securely. Plus, you can even add lights and a GPS device with a ¼”-20 mount. You can position your phone either in a landscape or portrait angle and you can even tilt it to avoid glare. Just remember that you shouldn’t concentrate on your device while biking because no accessory can actually protect you from an accident of your own making.

As for mounts that can be used while not biking, you have the GripTight Mount PRO that can be used for any smartphone and can attach to any tripod with a ¼”-20 attachment point. So whether you’re taking pictures or videos with your device, you can be assured that your smartphone will not fall off or something and is stable enough to get good pics. If you have Joby’s GorillaPod Stand, you can also now pair it with the GripTight GorillaPod Stand PRO which will give you a versatile setup that will stabilize your device, regardless of the surface that you put them on.



All these new GripTight accessories are available at the Joby online shop. The GripTight Bike Mount PRO sells at $59.95, the GripTight Mount PRO is at $29.95 and the GripTight GorillaPod Stand PRO is at $59.95 as well.

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