Imagine you’re meeting with some of your friends but all of you are not familiar with the place you’re going to. You’re switching back and forth between your location app and your group chat just so you can keep track of where everyone is, and it’s all getting a bit confusing. What if you have just one app where you can do both and you keep your privacy as well? Jink is the newest location sharing app for Android that can let other people know where you are exactly but at the same time maintain your privacy.

There are many location-sharing apps out there, but most of them are either “stalker friendly” or something used by people to humble brag the places they’ve been to. But Jink is different in that it is for those who want to share their location only to specific people who will benefit from knowing where they are. It also serves as a messaging app so that it would be easier to both talk to people and share your respective locations. The fun thing about it (or bad thing, depending on your intention) too is that you can see the icons moving in real time, so there’s no pretending you’re near, when in fact you’re still far. In other words, you can’t hide or lie!

And to protect your privacy, not everyone one can add you up or see your location. You can only send an invitation to someone to Jink with you if their mobile number is in your phone book. If someone isn’t on the app yet, it will send a link invitation through SMS. And when you finally meet up with your friend or group of friends, the Jink session will end, since it has already done its job which is to get you together with the person or people you’re meeting.

The app is also very user friendly, so no need to do a “training session” with your Dad just to show him how to use it. So download Jink now from the Google Play Store and start “Jinking” with your friends and loved ones.

VIA: SlashGear