You may not be familiar with Jigsaw but it’s a sister company of Google. This means it’s owned by Alphabet and it’s mostly involved in whatever Google or Android is working on. Jigsaw has recently introduced a solution for those mobile users who want to assure privacy all the time. Outline is a new app that is actually more of an open-source virtual private network (VPN) that lets you set up a VPN on the cloud or a server. This is ideal for those journalists and reporters who need to connect to different sources on the Internet.

Fake news is becoming more common each day but that’s not an excuse for journalists, writers, or content-makers to believe whatever is written on the web. You need to be discerning and the first step is to know your sources. If you provide materials, you may also need to make sure your server or cloud provider is safe, private, and secure so as documents will not be tampered. Outline is a perfect solution as it doesn’t log web traffic of a user, it offers privacy control, and has strong encryption as described.

Outline lets you operate your own server in a safe and private manner. It promises private data because it can resist whatever strong inspection software is trying to get in. It is open source so you can easily set it up. Updates are installed automatically so you are free to share access without having to worry about unwanted insiders.

Outline app can now be downloaded from the Play Store but you can also check out the versions of Chrome OS and Windows. The dev team is also said to be working on iOS and Mac versions of the private VPN app.

Download Outline (Beta) from the Google Play Store

VIA: Jigsaw