Jide Technology recently released to the world what was probably the first desktop-type Android platform in the Remix OS. Jide worked with the guys from the Android-x86 project to make this happen, and now they have their first update out. The platform is still in beta, mind you, and only in 64-bit – so a number of bugs are expected.

This update will bring the version of your Remix OS to 2.0.100, and according to Jide will fix the battery indicator on laptops. Some early jumpers on the update have confirmed that the battery indicator on a laptop now works within Remix OS. Jide also says that there are some “minor bugs fixed”, although they haven’t said which ones.

Installation is easier from a bootable USB drive, apparently, because you just replace the “system.img” file with the updated one. No automatic updates yet available. For PC installations, you may need to figure out how to extract the “system.img” file over your current installation, or else, this might mean a totally new installation.

Check out the source link below to ask questions and give feedback to the developers for this new update. Downloading the new updated files will still be through the Remix OS website.