You probably have at least two smartphones in your possession right now–one for work and the other one for personal use. Some people even have one exclusive for mobile gaming. It can be difficult to choose a new phone now especially that expensive flagship phones are slowly being overshadowed by affordable mid-range devices. Most of them almost have the same specs for half the price.

For some people, they need a basic smartphone that can do more than just text or call but also provide access to social media networks. As if we don’t have enough choices, here comes the Jelly 4G Smartphone that is currently touted as the smallest 4G phone in the world today. It’s only a concept on Kickstarter but the people behind it believe that it will be a success.

Fund goal is only $30,000 but as of this writing and with 34 more days to go before deadline, Unihertz already managed to raise almost $135,000 dollars. This mini-sized phone seems to have captured the hearts of the global mobile consumers as it runs Android 7.0 Nougat and runs on a super speedy 4G network. Instead of lugging a huge smartphone, you can have this tiny mobile device for your basic smartphone use.

Specs and features are very basic but good enough: 2.45-inch TFT LCD screen, 1.1GHz quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB onboard storage, dual nano SIM card slot, 2MP and 8MP dual cameras, gyroscope, GPS, and a 950mAh battery. Come to think of it, the specs are slightly higher than what most Android Wear smartwatches. You can use it during your physical or sports activities as a tracker or get quick access to your favorite apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Google Maps among others. It’s really just a tiny smartphone that offers ultra fast 4G Internet.

You can pledge as little as $10 but you can get a minimum of one Jelly 4G Smartphone starting at $69. Estimated delivery is August 2017. You can order from anywhere in the world but cross your fingers that we’ll see this concept phone reach production.

SOURCE: Kickstarter


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