The folks from ASUS quietly started pushing out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to their popular quad-core Transformer Pad TF300 this weekend. The update started arriving for those across the US but today another region is being graced with the highly anticipated update. ASUS is now rolling it out across the UK.

Those across the pond are now starting to receive the update right on their tablets, and it should be available as we speak. This was reported earlier, but this morning ASUS UK Facebook confirmed the update with the snazzy photo you see above. Who’s ready for those tasty Jelly Beans?

You’ll want to reach for the butter popcorn flavor, because Jelly Bean and project butter is extremely smooth and stable. ASUS was expected to be one of the first to Jelly Bean and these latest updates are right on time.

ASUS was nice enough to tell everyone “enjoy your first taste of Jelly Beans on a big screen!” And trust me, we are. As usual the update should arrive over the air right on the tablet. Or head into settings and check for updates manually if you don’t want to wait. We can expect further updates and announcements for the Transformer Prime, Infinity, and hopefully the original all coming soon.

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— Thanks Jimmy2k!