HTC will begin releasing its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for select One Series devices in October, it’s been confirmed. Announced alongside the new HTC One X+, the new software – which will also include HTC Sense 4+ – will begin to roll out to the One X and One S this month.

It will also be pushed out to the HTC One XL, though that might not happen until November or December, HTC told us in a briefing. As well as including Jelly Bean – with Google Now – the new software will include some of the changes debuting in the One X+.

For instance, HTC Watch 2 will be added – now pulling together streaming video services like YouTube and ESPN into the same app – as well as a new Gallery app which collates photo content from Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, and Picaso. The Camera app will now show how much space for content there is left.

There are also numerous minor tweaks and UI changes to Sense 4+, along with support for Get Started, the online configuration tool which, HTC tells us, is in line for a number of useful cloud enhancements. More on the One X+ here.


  1. “Why should we at HTC give users an OS upgrade? We sold you a phone (actually, the telecoms sold you a phone) with the latest OS available at that time. Yes, the OS originally came from Google but now it comes through us and we use each latest and greatest OS to get you to buy more phones! Our telecom partners use the latest and greatest OS to bring you to their network, to charge you early termination fees, to get you to sign up for new contracts before your last one has expired! So why in the world would we or the telecoms give you something for free that we currently make a pile of money from? Puleeeze. Get a grip.”

  2. So it is now November 9th. And i am still on 4.0.4 ICS… “will begin to roll out to the One X and One S this month.” Really? I don’t think so.

  3. Because HTC are going broke, and if anyone at the marketing department had a brain they would higher a dev team so that they could push this out to customers. This would put trust in a brand, and mean when i do buy my next android phone it would be HTC not Samsung, but if HTC can’t see this, then they are on a slippery slope to becoming another motorola post razr !

  4. you cheddar queer when a company says they will roll out an upgraded os for its users it would be smart to make good on that because loyalty goes both ways if you want us to be loyal customers you must in return be loyal to us or you could always go into the toilet look at blackberry and nokia all failing do you really want to be next


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