Jelly Bean arrived for Galaxy S3 users with Verizon Wireless on last Friday and it looks like US Cellular users will get the same update this Friday. And for those without a calendar handy, that is Friday, December 21. US Cellular has yet to offer all the specifics, however we do know there will be a few options to consider.

As we have seen with US Cellular device updates in the past, you will have the ability to upgrade over-the-air, using Kies and even by visiting a retail location. That last suggestion may be good for those who don’t feel entirely comfortable upgrading. Of course, the update process is fairly straight forward.

The Jelly Bean Galaxy S3 update details come by way of the Samsung Facebook page where they have stated that they will provide a link for the Jelly Bean update on Friday. Link aside, we suspect most of the Android Community readers will be one-step ahead and already checking for an update by the time that link goes live.

All said and done, it is nice to see the Jelly Bean update announced for US Cellular Galaxy S3 users. It is just a shame that they had to wait so long to get it. After all, even Verizon Wireless managed to beat them out. And Verizon tends to be slow with updates.

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[via Facebook]


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