Jeffrey Sharkey is at it again, this time pumping out his OilCan before he hops over to Google. For those of you who do not know who Jeffery is, he is one of the developers behind CompareEverywhere. OilCan is basically “Greasemonkey on steroids” but for the Android platform. You can use OilCan to customize any website by inserting JavaScript to change the website.

Examples of what OilCan can do include, making a JavaScript call to scan a barcode, pick a contact, or launch into Maps or other Android apps. Say you would like to get rid of extra margins and columns on a website, just run a script with OilCan and you can give the page more real estate. There are thousands of Greasemonkey scripts out there for users who would like to tweak their Android experience.

There is even a script that allows you to long-press an application to uninstall it rather than going through all the needed steps. For more information there is an OilCan site for more information about the Userscript format and security model. You can download this tool by clicking on this link from your G1’s browser. Congratulations to Jeffery Sharkey on landing his sweet new job!

[Via JSharkey]