The universal flash storage business will continue to grow as JEDEC, a group working on the development of standards for the microelectronics industry. UFS version 3.0 is now ready. This JESD220D standard is also followed by other standards such as JESD220-2A and JESD223D UFSHCI UFS Card Extension. The new UFS 3.0 standard is mainly for mobile computing systems and apps that require high performance but with low power consumption. It’s the latest so far that is expected to reach the consumers in the coming weeks or months.

UFS 3.0 is aimed to improve smartphone storage performance. This area isn’t usually given attention but JEDEC once again enters the scene with a solution. Despite low power on some devices, it can improve speed up to twice the bandwidth. This will be an improvement from the UFS 2.1 standard. To illustrate, UFS 3.0 can accommodate up to 11.6 Gbps on a single lane or even double on two lanes.

Data reliability is also promised by JEDEC with the addition of error logging and a refresh operation. Temperature range has been extended from -40°C to 105°C. With this, the new standard may be attractive to the automotive market now.

Chairman of the JEDEC Board of Directors Mian Quddus has this to say about the good news: “UFS 3.0, UFSHCI 3.0 and the UFS Card Extension update offer a host of enhancements over the prior versions of these standards that will help product designers enable significant improvements in mobile devices and related applications. The addition of features specifically for the automotive market underscores the commitment of JEDEC members to continue to evolve the UFS ecosystem to meet the needs of the industry and, ultimately, the consumer.”



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