Probably most of the people who run or bike or workout and listen to music while doing so have had this problem. You’re in the groove of your fitness routine, getting motivated by the music pumping in your ears, when suddenly, your earphones fall out, therefore breaking your concentration and momentum. A new pair of wireless sport headphones from JBL called Reflect Contour is here to save the day and to give you the top-of-the-line sound that you’re looking for in earphones.

Aside from the sound quality of course, one of the selling points of these headphones is that it has been designed to stay in your ears, no matter what activity you’re doing. It has the best-in-class Dual Lock design that has a behind-the-ear hook design together with ergonomic eartips, which should give you an “uninterrupted listening experience”. Aside from not worrying whether it’s going to fall off, you also don’t need to be so conscious of your sweat destroying it, since it is rugged and sweat proof as well.

And if you’re working out at night, the reflective cable will help bring you nighttime visibility and give you the confidence to finish your routine. Of course you need to also have that “elevated audio experience” you would get from a brand like JBL. Connectivity-wise, you can take on any Bluetooth-enabled device so you can wirelessly enjoy your playback of up to 8 hours of music or podcasts.

The JBL Reflect Contour is now available for pre-order, with shipping expected to commence by October. The SRP is $99.95 and you can choose from black, blue, red, or teal.



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