If you’re one of those who pre-ordered the JBL Link Bar and have been excitedly waiting for it to arrive, you might have to rein in your enthusiasm. It looks like the supposedly spring ship date will have to be pushed back to summer of this year. The OEM didn’t give a specific reason for the delay in shipment but we’re assuming that they’ve run into some production issues given that this smart sound bar is a pretty complicated product.

The JBL Link Bar is actually a device that is more than just a speaker to attach to your TV. Yes it has the standard JBL quality speakers to enhance your listening and viewing experience. But it also brings you the power of Google Assistant, Android TV, and Chromecast without having to add any other accessory. So even though they’ve been heavily marketing it since late last year, there might have been some production snafus hence the delay.

It was first announced in May 2018 and people were suddenly all excited about a sound bar. Then they started taking pre-orders by August and although they have not disclosed how many wanted to be early adapters, we’re assuming there was a significant number of orders placed even though they had to part with $400.

However, the ship date on those pre-orders were updated to July 2019 even though there wasn’t any big announcement from JBL. The official statement from them when asked was a confirmation that they are now planning a mid-to-late summer release. There was no reason or explanation given expect to say they’re looking forward to having customers finally get the sound bar.

Hopefully, the continued delays aren’t a sign that the product may not be as great as advertised. We’ll update you in the next few months if this new schedule will be followed.

VIA: Android Police