We’ve been waiting for the JBL Link Bar for a few months now and for unannounced reasons, we keep getting delays. Ever since they announced the soundbar at the Google I/O conference last May, we’ve been dreaming about this device that will supposedly turn our smart TVs even smarter while providing us with quality sound as well. We finally have a date when it will be available and hopefully this time they’ll stick to the schedule. We can expect the Link Bar in Spring of 2019.

While there are a lot of soundbars available in the market, this special collaboration between JBL and Google is pretty special as it brings not just the sound quality we’re used to from the brand but also Google Assistant and Android TV. While it looks like just any other soundbar, you can say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” and it should be able to do things like open your Netflix and search for a new movie or show, ask the weather, or ask it to schedule your appointments.

It also has built-in Chromecast so if your Link Bar is connected to the same WiFi as your source device, you’ll be able to cast the Chromecast-supported apps from your smartphone or your tablet onto your TV screen. You can also connect devices through3 HDMI inputs and a 1 HDMI ARC output. And if you need to switch between source devices, just use your Google Assistant to do so, with a command like “Ok Google, switch to Blu-Ray player”.

Sound-wise, the Link Bar will give your TV a much needed boost in terms of rich bass performance. There is also an optional subwoofer so that it will add even a bigger and more resounding bass. The soundbar also has a PrivacySwitch for far-field microphones to protect hackers from being able to hack into your digital assistant and therefore your devices.

The JBL Link Bar will cost you $399.95 while the optional subwoofer will be another $299.95. It will be available by Spring and hopefully that is the real and final schedule.