Today you’ll be able to join the masses of health-conscious Jawbone UP device-wearers with your own Android-based app. This device in the past was only working with an iOS app for the iPhone and/or iPod touch, and today’s push allows the Jawbone crew to team up with the millions of Android users out there in the wild – in the cold, dark wild. If you’re not able to see the Jawbone UP app in the Google Play app store right this minute, you’ll be able to see it soon – it’s on the way!

This announcement joins one by Jawbone that the Jawbone UP health wristband device will be available outside the USA and UK starting right now! Greater Europe will be seeing the Jawbone UP device in-stores starting this week, while Asia, Australia, and the Middle East will be seeing the device available next month. Sound like a deal?


Meanwhile you’ll want to see the SlashGear review of Jawbone UP to experience the loveliness for yourself. You won’t be able to do a whole heck of a lot with the Android app without the device itself, but seeing SlashGear use it is second best! If you do choose to pick the Jawbone UP accessory up, you’ll be tossing down right around $129 – grab it!

Below you’ll find some other bits and pieces we’ve seen and used with Jawbone heading up the show. Jawbone is a company that’s made some excellent audio-blasting devices in the past, and with the UP, they’ve successfully taken hold of the health bracelet segment in the USA and the UK. Let’s see where they go next!