Jawbone has released v3.0 of the UP app for Android. This latest release of the UP app is available by way of the Play Store, and ultimately, this means the UP24 lifestyle tracker is now available to Android users. The data collected by the UP24 will sync wirelessly with your Android device, using a Bluetooth connection.

The Jawbone UP app brings support for 12 languages, and when used along with the UP24 band — it tracks everything from your daily activity, to sleep, food and drink. Users will be able to keep track of steps, distance, calories burned and the amount of time they are active as compared to inactive on the activity side, and able to track hours slept as well as deep vs. light sleep and how long it took you to fall asleep on the sleep side.

As you’ll see from the screenshots included in the post, Jawbone takes all that information and presents it in an easy to read format compete with charts and graphs. The Jawbone UP app also allows the user to record food and drink, which will help you monitor how much water you are drinking and also how many calories you are taking in, versus burning during your daily activity. By way of this most recent app update, Jawbone UP24 users will be able to get feedback and notifications of progress through the day.

In terms of the band itself, Jawbone has the UP24 available in two colors, Persimmon and Onyx. The band is $149.99 and designed to be worn day and night. Users can expect up to 7 days of battery life per charge, and when needed, the UP24 will charge over USB (using the included 2.5mm USB cable adapter). Bottom line here, Jawbone now offers Android support for the UP24.