The little box with big sound is back with the all new BIG JAMBOX. If you’ve ever heard of the Jawbone JAMBOX you’ll be happy to hear the newer, louder, and better BIG JAMBOX is finally here and we have all the details. The original was an awesome smartphone companion for music fidelity or even conference calls, and their newest addition is even better. Read on past the break to see if it’s worth the higher price tag.

The original JAMBOX portable speaker system was loud and could “fill up any room with unbelievable sound,” but with the BIG Jawbone looks to fill up your backyard, the beach, or your pool party with the same unbelievable sound. While the JAMBOX was portable and a great addition to any messenger bag the BIG JAMBOX still retains the same option. At 10 x 3.1 x 3.6 inches and 2.7lbs it’s certainly bigger than the first JAMBOX, and remains battery powered rather than requiring a wall socket – leaving portability an option. Sadly you can only charge it with the included AC Adapter — no USB power here.

Being lightweight coming in at only 2.7 lbs the build quality is still quite stellar according to SlashGear. The BIG is wrapped in perforated steel but with a comfortable mesh finish, coming in one of three patterns: dotted, on the red model, waved, on the white, or honeycombed, on the graphite.

Just like the original we have wired, or wireless connectivity via Bluetooth (33 ft range). Then the BIG also has the standard volume up/down and call buttons on top, but are also accompanied by play/pause, and previous/next. Around to the side on the right we have a power and pairing button, along with a 3.5mm line-in port, a microUSB port and lastly the port for charging. Speaking of charging, the built-in rechargeable lithium­‐ion battery provides up to 15 hours of continuous playback and 500 hours of standby time on a single charge.

According to our sister site SlashGear the BIG is everything the original was, and more. Just as the name suggests:

The original JAMBOX was a great portable speaker, but fell short of bass and overall power when faced with larger rooms. That’s not a problem the BIG JAMBOX encounters: as the name suggests, it’s simply a bigger sound.

With an airtight enclosure featuring proprietary neodymium drivers and two opposing passive bass radiators you can ensure quality sound — not to mention DSP and equalization for optimal sound no matter the content. Now you can make conference calls of any audio level, or attach the BIG to your HDTV for additional quality, high-powered sound. Check out the hands-on video below, then head to our sister site for the full SlashGear BIG JAMBOX Review.

The folks from Engadget said the BIG JAMBOX “is excellent at pushing out gobs of volume and very good sound for its size.” and you can see their full review here.

ABC News’ Joanna Stern calls it one of the best mobile speakers on the market, and it looks like most reviews are saying the same thing.

Lastly The Verge gives the all new BIG JAMBOX a positive review as well. Stating the new speaker is “Big on sound, big on price, but still small in stature.” They also claim it offers the best balance of design, sound, and portability. Read their review here.

The all new BIG JAMBOX will be available May 15th at Best Buy, AT&T, and for $299. Don’t forget the official Jawbone Companion app for Android available here in the Google Play Store.

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