Although it’s something that we see every time you use a smartphone, we seldom pay attention to the tech behind the display of our devices. But we all know it’s crucial to our enjoyment of gadgets and also to the functionality that it gives us. One of the more known makers out there is Japan Display Inc, and they just recently announced that they have started mass production on their 2nd generation Pixel Eyes, which is meant for high end mobile products that bank on premiere experience for users.

This second generation LCD module actually uses a new sensor structure and even new materials to be able to give OEMs thinner borders, from .8mm to .5mm, as well as deeper black levels. It can also now allow users to input characters and graphics more smoothly through a stylus that can be as narrow as 1mm in width. And for those who still have the urge to use their devices even with wet fingers (we’ll not ask why), this new LCD will still work with that.

JDI also claims that the advanced technology of Pixel Eyes will make it easier to get higher resolutions and “realize larger size panels up to as large as 16-inch class.” They also promise to bring more display products in the future, based on their core low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) technology.

In theory, this seems to be an interesting kind of LCD modules but the trick would be on how the OEMs can apply this to their products. One Sony-focused blog says that this in-cell touch display may find its way to future Xperia devices. Let’s wait and see.

SOURCE: Japan Display


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