If you like letting corporate entities know things about you, you like having money in your Google Play account and live in the Far East or in the borders of southern Europe, then what we’re about to tell you might probably be the best news you’ve received today. Google announced that Opinion Rewards is now available in Japan and Italy, joining several other major countries where answering marketing surveys from the tech company is now monetized.

In case you didn’t know it yet, Google Opinion Rewards was launched late last year and lets you earn Google Play credits just for answering opinion and marketing surveys from companies or brands or entities that would like to hear more from Google’s extremely large database. The app targets users, depending on the profile that the researchers and marketers want, with each survey lasting not more than 10 questions and takes just a few minutes.

Previously, it was only available for those residing in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. But now they have opened the doors for those who are living in Italy and Japan. Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll get a notification every time there is a survey match for you and you need to answer it through the app itself. The credits will then be sent directly to your Google Wallet account.

Researchers and marketers have to wait a little more to be able to target those in Germany, the Netherlands and the recently added Italy and Japan. But Google assures that it will be finalised in the next few weeks. To download the app in Italy, go to this link and click install, while for Japan, you need to follow this link and install it.

SOURCE: +Google Consumer Surveys