While tech giant Google is improving its search for jobseekers and companies, engineers can have it easier especially if they want to apply at Jaguar Land Rover. The company has teamed up with Gorillaz to help them look for new engineers through an app that lets you experience mixed reality. It is really happening: recruitment via a cool mobile app.

Some groups may have already tried the idea but Gorillaz has made the code-breaking challenge more interesting for the coders and developers. The goal is to finish the challenge you’d be seeing inside the Gorillaz app. You need to perform well and prove that you can be one of the over one thousand software engineers Jaguar Land Rover is looking for as it expands the business.

Actually, the company needs more than 5,000 new recruits that have engineering skills they can put to good use. The idea sounds “cool” and it is “cooler” because it involves the virtual band Gorillaz.

All you need to do is crack the code. Finish the two challenges that will have you learning about the benefits of EVs, car assembly of the Jaguar I-PACE Concept, and recruit other geniuses by telling them to solve puzzles.

Note that most of the jobs that will be offered will be based in the United Kingdom. Formal and official recruitment will happen in 2018 to add to the 40,000 employees of Tata Motors around the world.

Download Gorillaz from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Jaguar Landrover