Jabra Steel Wireless Headset

Jabra has just introduced its toughest wireless headset to date. Officially called as the STEEL, this new pair has passed strict US military standards as it is dust-, shock-, and water-resistant. Even in rough and noisy environments, you can be sure to get the highest audio quality all the time.

Jabra STEEL will be available next month November from Amazon.co.uk. It will cost £79.99 which is about $123 in the US. The name alone is enough description that this one is ready for rough use even on-site and while exposed to different elements like water, wind, dust, paint, vibration, or temperature. It’s ideal for noisy environments such as construction sits or industrial factories where listening to music is allowed, thanks to the dual-mic noise cancellation technology.

It’s a wireless headset so you can accept any incoming calls anytime. It’s more of a wireless headset for those who are always in the field and in rough conditions. The Jabra STEEL comes with extra large buttons so you can easily control the headset even when wearing gloves or hands are wet. When paired with an Android phone, you can easily access Google Now, have your messages read aloud, or allow voice activated call pick-up. This accessory boasts of an ergonomic design for ultra comfort while the earhook has been custom designed to fit in your ears as securely as possible.

Jabra STEEL is always ready for extreme and rough use. Even if you drop it or throw it around, the headset will still work. It’s been tested to survive challenging situations and harmful elements. A pair this tough is guaranteed to deliver clear audio and communications all the time.

Special features of the Jabra STEEL include a MicroPOWER battery that can last up to six hours of talk time, power nap mode, Jabra Assist Application, and a 30m/98ft operating range depending on the partner phone, and IP54 rating (US Military standard dust, water, and shock resistance). The headset is very light at only 10 grams you may not feel you’re wearing it.