With sports apps and wearable devices getting more involved in our daily workouts (or if you’re still in the planning stage at least), more companies are coming up with digital health-related products to make it more interesting and seamless. The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds and its companion Sports Life app wants to help you get to the next level of your fitness routine. It is the first device that has an in-ear biometric heart rate monitor as well as a real-time voice coach that will help you in your workout.

The sports app works together with the earbuds to set out a workout plan, track your progress as you go through it and then evaluate you once you’ve accomplished your goals and fitness plan. It’s like having an actual fitness instructor whispering into your ear and telling you whether you’re on track or you need to step it up a notch (at least you know this instructor won’t scream at you). It will test your fitness level before you start your workout, adjust your heart rate zone depending on the workout you’re doing and help you set the goals you want, whether it’s the distance you have to run, how long your aerobics session should go or how many calories you need to burn.

And since working out is almost always associated with listening to your favourite motivational music, the Jabra earbuds lets you listen to your music with Dolby enhanced sound while still listening to your personalised audio coaching. Since working out should also involve sweating, the earbuds are sweat and storm proof, as all sports-related devices should be.

The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds and the Sports Life app will be available at their online store and in selected retail outlets starting this October. The SRP is $199.99, which isn’t really bad if you’re serious about your workout.