Jabra has announced the newest member of the Solemate family today. The new arrival is the Solemate Mini, and similar to the non-mini version, this one is a portable Bluetooth speaker. Jabra is touting the Solemate Mini as being a new “ultra-portable version” of the Solemate. And in addition to the Solemate Mini, Jabra has also announced an updated version of the Solemate. First things first though, as the Solemate Mini is the new addition — we have some hands-on coverage.

As you can likely see from the images, the Solemate Mini is available in a variety of colors. Those will include red, yellow, blue and black. Perhaps more important though is what can be expected in terms of size and speakers. Jabra describes this one as being smaller than a soda can. We didn’t have any cans of soda sitting around, however the few images sitting below should give a good idea of the overall size.

The Solemate Mini will have two front-facing speakers in what is said to be “an acoustically-designed enclosure.” Assuming the Solemate Mini performs even half as nicely as the original Solemate, it should be money well spent for those considering a purchase. On the topic of cost, this one will set you back $99. Jabra has said the Solemate Mini will be available during the fourth quarter.

Otherwise, the speaker has a durable design, quick and easy device pairing using Bluetooth or NFC, an integrated 3.5mm cable (that sits on the bottom of the speaker when not in use) and a battery life of up to 8 hours.


Shifting over to the details for the updated (regular-sized) Solemate, this one brings the addition of NFC. Simply put, those purchasing a Solemate will now be able to pair the speaker using NFC or Bluetooth. This one will also be available in a variety of colors. And lastly, the new Solemate will be available during Q4 and this one will be priced at $149.99.