At CES last week a company called Ittiam whipped out a new HD video conferencing solution that runs Android and uses an embedded TI OMAP 4 processor inside for the first time. The new system is aimed at next generation devices that integrate HD video communications and embedded bridging for conferencing between users on multiple devices.

The system supports devices like smartphones, desk phones, tablets, smart cameras, video conferencing gear, IP set top boxes, and more. Using the Ittiam OMAP 4 platform users can use a single device for functioning as an end-point and as a bridge or MCU. The device can drive 4-way 720p video conferencing and the solution supports peer-to-peer 720p class HD video conferencing as well.

The Ittiam solution runs on Android 2.2 Froyo and the software can be updated to future versions of Android as well. Standard interfaces including OpenMAX and Audio Flinger are supported. The platform is an OEM and ODM solution that will end up running in products from various makers.