If you purchase a premium Android device – in this instance the LG V10 – there are two ways you can go in terms of software. First, a normal day-to-day user would take what software is given in the device and run with it as his/her daily driver. The other way is usually for a power user who wants to get the best and the absolute limit of what the device can do. This way requires root access, the gateway to tweaking your Android device’s software. And we give you two examples today of root access gained for the LG V10.

Devices distributed through Verizon are usually the most difficult to root, as the company is usually paranoid about its software. Once in a blue moon, though, a developer will break through the security and gain root access. These two processes are attributed to XDA member “tungkick” who worked to get both hacks going. It was the Verizon process that got done first, and you can check the instructions on the official XDA thread.

The AT&T variant soon followed, with root access now gained. The instructions are somewhat similar to the Verizon one, but it always helps to check the instructions completely. Check out the official thread here. And remember, never ever do anything without backing up all of your data.

One caveat to this is that while root access has been achieved, it will still be a while until you see custom ROMs and recoveries for the LG V10. This is because the bootloader to the phone is still locked at this point, and no breakthrough in sight.



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