What could be cooler than making your own Android app? Why, making your own Android game, of course! And now’s your chance, again, to learn how. We’re bringing back one of the hottest items off our Android Community Deals rack. Learn how to make your own game, with programming or not. Learn how to program for Android, game or not. Heck, learn how to program, whether it’s for Android or not! All with our sweet Android Game Developer Bundle.

For learning how to code for Android, we have two courses just for you, one for introducing you to Android programming, no matter your starting level, and one for familiarizing you with the intricacies of Android 5.0 Lollipop itself. But perhaps you’re already familiar with Java and Android. Then you might want to dip your toes into C# programming, which will be quite useful for what’s coming next.

Of course, you’re here to learn how to make games, and we definitely have courses just for that. If you haven’t had any experience getting your hands dirty with programming yet, maybe you want to whet your appetite learning how to modify and reskin already existing games. If you’re starting to feel more adventurous, you can even start making your own games, no programming required. And when you’re finally committed to the cause, two Unity3D courses will be waiting for you, one that will guide you through making your own 2D game and another for going deeper into Unity3D with C#.

All of that you can get for a measly price of $49. That’s almost a total 70 hours of content, plus lectures and exercises. 7 courses all for the price of one. Get the Android Game Developer Bundle now from Android Community Deals.

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