Isis is a company that makes wallet software that is designed to allow users to shop, pay, and save money using their smartphones. The problem for the company is that a militant group from the Middle East that goes by the acronym ISIS is something that no company wants to be associated with.

To eliminate any sort of association by name alone, Isis announced in July that it would be rebranding itself with a new name. The time has come for that branding to take effect and Isis will become Softcard. With the name of the wallet software changing, people that use the current Isis Wallet app will wonder what is going to happen.

Isis Wallet software will continue to work and over the next few weeks an updated app will launch and all branding will change to Softcard. A normal app update will change the app on user devices to the new branding.

Isis says that it has chosen to move quickly on the rebranding, but for a short time, the current Isis branding will still be visible. At least customers will be able to continue using the app through the transition without having to worry about finding another app.