Making the rounds as of late is news that Google’s Gmail app for Android has developed some sort of nasty bug. Personally I’ve had zero issues but we are hearing about flickering problems, freezing, and even becoming completely unresponsive. If you are experiencing any of the mentioned issues don’t worry, Google is said to be working on a fix or have already put one in place to ease your pain.

According to LifeHacker the issue is pretty widespread although here in the office we have no such complaints. Many users aren’t able to get their emails and the app is hanging on the load screen. Most likely if this issue hasn’t been resolved Google’s working on or tweaking some backend things and everything should be resolved shortly.

Google has acknowledged the bug and are working on a fix according to a few comments in the Google groups blog, but with things running smoothly on our end it must not be too widespread. If you are one of the few experiencing issues don’t worry because things should be back on track in no time. For now users can sign in with the stock Email app in Android to get their emails should Gmail start acting up, it just doesn’t offer the same feature set.

Let us know if you are experiencing problems, and if or when your Gmail goes back to normal.