If you want to find out what products major tech, firms are working on or toying around with before they announce anything, one of the best ways is to watch for patent applications and trademark filings. Those items will often give some hints at what is going on. The latest discovery using trademark apps comes from Motorola.

Apparently, Motorola is looking to grab up the Xoom name in just about every major market around the world. Motorola has applied for a trademark on Xoom for the category of mobile computers and related accessories, reports Pocketnow. The trademark Motorola is seeking will be registered in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, the US, and Canada.

Exactly what the product that will wear the Xoom name is we don’t know. However, we can guess that the name might be tied to that long talked about Android tablet that Motorola has in the works. It sounds like a good name for a 4G service too.

Via Engadget


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