LG’s G Watch can be considered the first Android Wear smartwatch, if you’re keeping track of that sort of thing. The Moto 360 was then the second, and rounded out the Android Wear offerings (see what I did there?). A few flagship wearables later, LG is back with a second smartwatch, and they’ve taken a hint from Motorola this time.

The video below is LG’s first teaser for their new watch, and guess what? It’s round, just like we’d been hearing it might be! Though light on actual details, the new LG smartwatch will indeed be round, and if you watch carefully — or, you know, look at the pic above — LG has given a hint at just what the hardware design may be.

The Moto 360 was widely praised for eschewing the square design for a more traditional round shape. If you take what LG is teasing as an accurate portrayal of their new watch, it will take “traditional” a step further. A more classic look, replete with a crown (which is usually for setting time or winding a watch, so who knows what a digital unit would need one for), should find those who like a more watch-looking smartwatch a very happy bunch.

We have no name, no actual look at the hardware, and no idea of what the interface may be. We do know it will launch at IFA next month, so keep a watchful (I did it again!) on Android Community, as we bring you all the details on the new LG smartwatch.