We’re all aware of AT&T’s recent Android releases with certain Google apps removed or replaced. These are the most restricted Android devices on the market today. Orange may be following suit with their upcoming Android devices. Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail, Gtalk and possibly Search too will all be removed in their devices.

These core Android apps will be replaced by Orange bloatware. Most people buy Android devices to have access to Google’s apps on the mobile. There is a few things to look forward too from Orange’s Androids. Unlike AT&T, you will be able to install apps from places other than the Android market and the upcoming HTC Desire will include all of Google’s apps.

Statement from Orange:

“We customize the software to phones colors of Orange and we add our own applications, without depleting product features”

– If the mail application (eg Gmail) was actually installed by default, subscribers could exchange e-mails without supplementing their package including a simple formula “Unlimited Internet”. But this is not the case with the Orange software alternative that uses protocols not included in the package Internet access! All calls made from that application are billed out of bundle. Unless you opt for the package “Internet, e-mail and unlimited Wi-Fi, charged 11 euros more … Even in this case, we must make a cross to Gmail. This is exactly the same thing with MSN Messenger which replaces Gtalk …

This seems to be a way for them to sell unlimited internet packages to potential customers. moves like these will sway potential users to go elsewhere for their devices.

[via frandroid]