Samsung Captivate fans who have been languishing with older versions of Android can now rejoice as AT&T seems to be gearing up to update the Captivate to Android 2.2 (Froyo).  According to it’s support page for the Captivate, users can drill through instructions on how to locate the Captivates firmware version and right there is a reference to firmware version 2.2 running TouchWiz overlaid.  That offers a ray of hope for Captivate users who have seen other handsets, including the Galaxy S scream by with vs. 2.3 (Gingerbread).

Users can easily find out their firmware version by to settings, then about phone and looking at firmware version.  And if this screen shot on AT&Ts website is to be believed, it may be that users will see version 2.2 pop up there real soon.

More information on how to determine your Captivate firmware version can be seen here.

[via BGR]


  1. They better be adding it. We have waited far too long. They told me when I bought it that the update would be coming in September of 2010. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer…

    (and I know… I can root it… but I really don’t want to. I want any upgrade to be authentic and I’ll start rooting after they tell us they won’t upgrade it further…)

    • Sorry Big_Mikey99 but if you want to take full advantage of what an android powered device can do you will need let go of the high and mighty “authentic” attitude because the developers making roms to run on the captivate are just as stable if not better than the firmware approved by at&t. You will thank me when you can do many things more with your captivate than is allowed with the “authentic” software.

  2. Yeah my phone already broke once and i had to have it replaced under manufacturers warranty, so I definitely don’t want to void my warranty by rooting.

  3. Froyo has a blue mic icon on the google widget, and Samsung changed the settings icons for each menu item to color, not white on black. Nothing new here…

  4. Too little, too late. I rooted it and installed a custom ROM. Found the joys of no AT&T crapware and no ads. I’m never going back. Thanks AT&T and Samsung for introducing me to the joys of a phone without your money-grubbing restrictions and addons. Oh, did I mention I can tether it? See if AT&T let’s you do that?

      • Did just a fairly large update this morning from AT&T so I’ll know when I get home from work if my “unauthorized” tethering has been blocked by AT&T with their newest “update” (scheesh!)
        . This seemed to be a substantial update but did NOT upgrade my phone to v.2.2… STILL at 2.1.update1.
        PDANet is a great tethering app. If you go to the “market” using your Captivate, and do a search on PDANet, you won’t find it. AT&T blocks it. I configured PDANet for a friend of mine with DroidX and his market had PDANet listed. AT&T is blocking that app… here’s what you do to get it:
        1. Hit the power button and put your phone and select
        “Flight Mode”…
        2. Activate your Wifi Connection… and then open up your “Android market”…
        3. do a search for PDANet and NOW you’ll see the app…
        4. Download and install the free (the pay version opens up ALL sites – SSL, etc.. I haven’t come across any security blocks with the free app as of yet)
        5. Go to and download the client for your…
        6. Launch PDANet from your phone and then launch the client after tethering…

  5. If you navigate to the AT&T support page today, the screen shot is back to the old (2.1) version…..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….

  6. AT&T never planned to upgrade the Captivate to anything beyond Android 2.1 and were actually taken aback by Samsung’s remark that all Galaxy S phones would be upgraded to Android 2.2. Rest assured, thanks to Samsung’s surprise remarks they made several months ago you will get Froyo by the end of 2011 at the earliest. It’s entirely possible you will have a new phone by then like the upcoming Nexus S with Gingerbread which means this whole problem will be a non issue.


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