Ironclad Tactics is a nice fusion of a number of elements that logically shouldn’t work together – but they rather do. On the whole, it is a lane-driven game in the manner of “Plants vs. Zombies” – only that it is set in a fictional re-fighting of the US Civil War, with robots! Yes, you heard us right.

We haven’t mentioned that at the core, this is also a card-collecting game – you get to battle as one of the sides of the aforementioned historic war with robots from cards that you collect throughout the game. The action in your lanes runs in real-time, but you have to wait for action points to add up so that you can deploy more units from your card collection.

While the issue of the Civil War is no laughing matter, the game developer has found a way to lighten up the mood by the way of comic book-like panels that move the story along. The main campaign’s storyline revolves around the inventor of the robots from the North, and you unlock cards as you go along.

The description says very loudly “no ridiculous in-app purchases” – although the Google Play Store displays the game as “with in-app purchases”. That is not an oxymoron, as there is a good bit of content before the free campaign ends and you have to purchase the full game for USD$3.99, as well as two additional campaigns available for USD$2.99. Check out the game via Google Play Store.

VIA: Android World


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