The folks from Gameloft sure are excited about their new mobile game Iron Man 3, which will hit Android smartphones and tablets tomorrow. Offering a brand new perspective on the popular runner-style games that have taken the mobile world by storm, full of Tony Stark explosions and more. They’ve released a few video teasers lately, but today the launch trailer has been revealed.

So far we’re not exactly sure what to think of Iron Man 3, their previous videos have us thinking it will be riddled full of in-app purchases. We’ve been told by Gameloft themselves however, that the in-app purchases will actually be extremely light, and not required to fully enjoy or finish the game. So basically they are available, but not a huge aspect of the game.

Dungeon Hunter 4 was blasted full of IAP, so hopefully the above statement is true and Iron Man 3 won’t be covered in additional purchases. That aside, the game launches tomorrow on Android and iOS and looks to be pretty fun. Here’s the latest official launch trailer released today by Gameloft.

Again, the game will follow a freemium model so it won’t cost you a cent to play. They’ll offer additional suits and power-ups you can purchase, but they won’t be necessary to beat or enjoy the game. It looks like you’ll be suiting up and battling tons of enemies as well as four super-villains as you save the world Tony Stark style.

Would you rather pay $0.99 for a full featured game, or get it free and make in-app purchase if you feel like it? Let us know below, and look for the game to hit the Play Store tomorrow.