Alexa iRobot Roomba

iRobot has been a name known for its smart home devices. Its home robots are popular because of their advanced and more intelligent features and functions. It offers personalization, control, and automation and now, voice intelligence courtesy of Amaxon Alexa. iRobot products are already smart but they can be smarter with software and hardware updates. iRobot and Amazon’s team-up is expected to deliver a more advanced voice-enabled intelligence. This means home robots that are more proactive and more thoughtful when it comes to smart home automations.

iRobot now lets you tell Alexa to do things for the home. The robot vacuums are already very helpful but they are more powerful now with voice commands. You can just tell Alexa to clean any room you want.

iRobot takes advantage of artificial intelligence, object identification, and advances in navigation. The smart vacuums now get features that will allow the owner to easily and efficiently do the cleaning at home.

Specifically, the system responsible is the iRobot Genius Home Intelligence. It features the Imprint Smart Mapping technology that identifies the areas you want to vacuum or mop. This system remembers the rooms and furniture, as well as, the floors for the best way to navigate them.

With Alexa, you can control how a home is cleaned, personalize cleaning jobs, and even automate routines. Feel free to enjoy different voice capabilities, precision Clean Zones, iRobot Scheduling with Alexa voice service, and Alexa Announcements.

iRobot’s CEO and chairman Colin Angle has this to say: “We believe robots should be thoughtful and responsive, and clean according to the user’s unique preferences. The combination of advanced navigation, object identification and advanced voice-enabled technologies lets people interact with them in a more natural way, gaining greater control of their smart home.”

More intuitive cleaning and smart home experiences are expected to be unlocked by iRobot and Amazon. The two are looking forward to integrating more premium and advanced voice capabilities.


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