We feel for TV remote controllers, you know. Apart from being one of the most misplaced house implements, it is one of those that take so much beating. How many times have you dropped your TV remote on the concrete floor? “A lot,” was our answer. Because of those drops, malfunctioning and totally destroyed TV remotes abound, leaving you without the ability to change channels from your couch – such a stressful thought! Well, not anymore. Welcome, the “IR 2.0” app.

There is an immediate caveat that you have to know before you go downloading the app and blaming us for the frustration after – the app will ONLY work on tablets and smartphones that have an IR blaster, notably the HTC ONE M8 and M7, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, the Galaxy Note 3 among others. For the younger generation, IR is “infra-red”, or the thing that makes your TV remote work remotely. Please be clear on that before downloading the app.


IR 2.0 is a free download via the Google Play Store, but we suggest that you pony up the few dollars for the whole shebang. What does the app do? Well, it lets you control your TV from the smartphone app. We’ll let you simmer on how wonderful that is for a while… nice, right? The app has a database of brands that you can choose from, and will even let you “save” remotes for convenient usage later.


Staying in a hotel room where the remote is non-functional? IR 2.0 will save your day. It will even control certain set-top devices, Blu-ray players, satellite TV recievers, and even airconditioning units. And you can be sure you won’t be careless about dropping this “remote”, because hey, it’s your phone as well. Grab it at the source link.

SOURCE: Google Play Store