The tech world has quickly gone from fast charging to faster. After Xiaomi and OPPO, Qualcomm introduced its Quick Charge 5. Now we’re hearing another player. It’s not exactly new but iQOO has recently demonstrated its 120W ultra-fast flash charging. At this point, “fastest” may still be relative. It’s when those charging solutions are used in real life by ordinary people. Vivo’s sub-brand is believed to have started mass production of its latest charging solution that can charge a battery to 100% within 15 minutes.

A full battery charge within 15 minutes is fast. It can be compared with Qualcomm’s fast-charging up to 50% battery capacity within five minutes and OPPO’s 125W wired (4000mAh battery within 20 minutes) and Xiaomi’s 100W fast charging. The IQOO 120W fast-charger already demonstrated insane speed a few weeks ago.

iQOO’s 120W ultra-fast flash charging may roll out in August. It may be part of the new iQOO flagship that will also be introduced. Rumor has it the phone will be called the ‘iQOO 3 Pro’. It may come with a hyperboloid flexible screen with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The closest rival of iQOO may be OPPO, especially in China. OPPO’s 125W fast charging solution has been tested as well by the same site that tested iQOO’s. If you may remember though, OPPO’s ultra-fast charging was already said to degrade battery faster.

OPPO 125W ultra fast charging solution

OPPO’s 125W super flash charging is ultra-fast. It’s also described to be low-temperature. It can offer a safe charging experience because of the following: three charge pumps in parallel, multi-pole ear dual 6C batteries, 10 temperature sensors, and a 128-bit OPPO exclusive encryption algorithm. OPPO’s solution is also being mass-produced. It may be available this month so let’s wait and see as the rest of the year may be about these brands competing to be the world’s truly fastest charging solution.