Sluggish Android device sales have led the iPhone 5S to sell better than expected, according to some analysts. The flagship iOS device is tops in US sales, and leads the way in various other countries it’s available in as well. Taking advantage of a lull in Android flagship energy, Apple’s reign may not last long.

This speculation is from Canaccord Genuity Analyst Michael Walkley, who released an investor note Thursday discussing the Android/iOS sales battle moving forward. Walkley also took into account the upcoming sales figures of top Android flagships, including the recently released HTC One (M8). “With our surveys indicating gradually increasing consumer interest in and pre-order activity for these new Android smartphones, we anticipate new high-end Android smartphones will gain market share versus the iPhone during the June quarter” Walkley said, noting that the Samsung Galaxy S5, the latest flagship from the top Android OEM, isn’t out for another week.

While Android may rule the summer months, they may have to cede their mantle come the fall. An expected iPhone 6 with a larger screen is likely to rejuvenate a tired brand. All indications are that the iPhone is becoming a lot more Android in form factor, which could stem — even reverse — any movement away from Apple.

We’re curious what you think, though. Are you interested in a larger iPhone? We prefer the iPad experience to the iPhone, and if Apple can bring that to a larger phone, we’re interested in checking it out. We are, however, smitten with the HTC One (M8), which is just phenomenal. It’s likely we’d pop into an Apple store to give a larger iPhone the once-over, but migrating away form Android? Not quite.