Earlier this week the folks from Apple unveiled iOS 7, the new face of their mobile OS. Representing the biggest change to the iPhone OS since its birth. We won’t get into if we like it or not, who copied who and all that jazz, but instead show you just how easy we can make our Androids look the same. Thanks to one fan we have exactly that.

As usual, thanks to the awesome fan and developer community on Android we already have a full icon theme pack to deliver the same look to all of our Android smartphones. Don’t get out the pitch forks on me guys. No I don’t like the look, and I’m fine with Jelly Bean just how it is. Thank you very much! However, it is fun to give this a try and show it off to your iPhone friends patiently waiting for iOS 7.

Update: After some further digging this awesome theme and iOS-looking option for Android was made by a developer named shmogt, in all it’s glory. All for those looking to make their phone look like iOS 7. I’m not sure why you’d want to, but this simple theme and icon pack with a custom launcher such as the popular NOVA Prime Launcher, is all you need. Sadly the work wasn’t of the student as mentioned originally, and we’ve since corrected this post to give credit where it’s due.

Between custom ROMs, themes, and launchers we can do just about whatever we want on Android, and this is nothing new. I’m sure many won’t like the idea behind this, but to each his own. If you’re interested in customizing your icons with the new “flat iOS 7 look” you can find out plenty of additional details from the link below. Conveniently named jbOS7, shmogt has a pretty awesome setup.

Give it a try and get crazy. It’s all in good fun.

SOURCE: Mycolorscreen