If you are the type that needs to be able to access your financial data for your business anywhere you are Intuit has a new app for Android smartphones that you might like. Intuit’s QuickBooks mobile app is aimed at the small business owner that needs to be able to handle financial details on the go. Using the app gives the business power many different things they can do.

The app will let the user create estimates on the go and manage invoices, view customer details, and a lot more from their smartphone. The app will also sync automatically with QuickBooks on the computer at home or in the office to ensure the data is the same on the smartphone and the computer. The data on the app can be updated on the go as well.

When the app is synced, the data on the computer will be updated too. Access to QuickBooks Mobile is free for any QuickBooks online customer. QuickBooks Pro and Premiere 2011 can subscribe to get the mobile app. The app is on the Android Market and App Store right now.