At the end of March an awesome and completely free game launched on Android called Into The Dead, and if you haven’t seen it you’ll want to check it out below. The extremely popular developers from PikPok Games released this endless-runner style zombie game, but it’s certainly one that’s memorable. After a quick update this weekend we figured some hands-on video was in order.

Think of something like Temple Run with all the distance goals, coins, objectives, stats and more – only with zombies. Then add in a creepy and eerie setting with shadows and zombies walking in the fog and thick grassy fields. You’re right in the middle running through the hoards trying to stay alive with maneuvers, pistols, chain saws and more. It’s extremely addictive too.

This game has an awesome soundtrack, great graphics (that can also be turned down on older devices) tons of potential for repeat play, power-ups and more. The latest update fixed some graphical issues on the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, improved general tablet support, and solved a few bugs. This then reminded us just how amazing this game was and we had to do a quick video for you all. Take a peek below.

As usual lately the game works with the freemium model. So you won’t pay a cent to enjoy it but to speed up progress or truly enjoy it you can purchase coins. There are a few non-obtrusive ads between game menus you can pay your way out of for $1.99 but they aren’t too bad. You can earn coins, or buy some to up the excitement. Buy that 50,000 coin pack and get a machine gun for some truly fun times.

In the end the game is extremely fun, addicting, plays and runs amazing on most devices, and is free. There’s some blood and gore, scary noises, and more so you might want to stick to Temple Run for the kids. For everyone else though, this game is a blast. Check out the screenshots below and try this awesome game today by clicking here!