A new study detailing Internet usage is out, providing interesting metrics regarding how and why we use the thing you’re reading this article on. A full 87% of adults in the US use the Internet, with a majority of that coming via mobile devices. Also interesting were views on whether the Internet was a good thing for us, or something we should likely avoid.

 That 87% average Internet usage climbs when factoring in social metrics. In households where the median income was $75,000 or more, 99% reported using the Internet. Of adults 18-29, 97% reported using the Internet — the same percentage for those with college degrees.

The Internet was considered a good thing by 90% of those polled, with 53% saying it wold be “very hard” to give up. That number is oddly close to the 49% of folks who said giving up their cell phone would be really difficult. Of the 87% overall usage by adults, 68% of that was due to mobile traffic, showing an increased reliance on our mobile tech devices.

Though the Internet is often seen as a mean-spirited place, only about 25% of folks said they were attacked, or left a group due to vicious behavior. About 70% said they had been treated kindly, and over half report they witnessed someone being helped by a group of people online in one way or another. Though not a majority, that number is still far too high.

The data shows an increase in mobile consumption and reliance, which is a trend we’ve seen shoot upward over time. With more connectivity and a variety of devices added to the market at every turn, it’s unlikely we’ll see this fall into decline. One thing we recommend it checking out our guide on how to trim some of the data consumption from your mobile Internet usage. It turns out 68% of you should probably read it!