Seems that just the ordinary way of chatting with people through your mobile phone has become boring for a lot of people. You now have your emoticons, your stickers, your snapchats and all other things to make your chats more exciting. Intel is joining the fray with their Pocket Avatars, guaranteed to make talking to your loved ones even crazier.

The new mobile messaging app from the chipmaker contains the standard messaging stuff just like with others like it (Viber, Line, WeChat. etc). But they have added the concept of Pocket Avatars that will create your very own animated messages for the people you chat with. Using your phone’s camera and microphone, you can record a message that will capture your facial expressions, mannerisms, and even your voice to create a 3D message using any of the avatar characters in the app. The message can then be shared through the messaging app itself or through other forms of social media.

It uses a proprietary facial gesture software to be able to do this “magic” and it has taken them years of research at the Intel Labs to come up with this. They currently have 40 avatars in their in-app library, including several pop culture “celebrities” like the Annoying Orange (from the MTV show), Gumby, Care Bears, Lego characters, and other animals and people. They will be adding even more characters regularly, especially those themed with certain occasions and holidays. So if words are not enough but you need to hide behind a cute or annoying or funny avatar, then this newest app is right up your alley.

Most of the Pocket Avatars are free, but some also cost $.99. The app however is completely free and is available for download at the Google Play Store.



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