A few years ago, Intel launched the Remote Keyboard app meant for the NUC and Computer Stick. As with thousands of other apps, it has several issues that need to be fixed. There have been three major security bugs that are affecting the mobile app. A patch or update could be helpful but Intel decided to just pull out the app. The company removed the Android version from the Google Play Store so you won’t be able to download it anymore.

Intel pulled out the app earlier this week. The issues appear major that would make Intel decide to take it out instead of fixing. Apparently, these bugs have been tagged as “critical” and “high” as they could allow a hacker to attack y injecting unwanted keystrokes into any keyboard session. There is also the possibility a malicious code could be executed.

Intel sent out an official advisory:“Intel has issued a Product Discontinuation notice for Intel Remote Keyboard and recommends that users of the Intel Remote Keyboard uninstall it at their earliest convenience.”

At the time of pull out, the Intel Keyboard App had about half a million installations with the last update released only last June. The Google Play Store page is no longer accessible.

VIA: Bleeping Computer


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