While much of the tech world has been focused on what Apple was doing today, they weren’t the only company showing off new technology. Looking aside from the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, there was also the Intel Developer Forum keynote which took place today in San Francisco. Intel had a few interesting topics of discussion, one of which was Android tablets with prices below $100.

The details were light when it came to specific models, however it was said that more than 20 Android tablets will be available with Intel’s new Bay Trail Atom SoC before the upcoming holiday shopping season. Similar to the lack of detail on the specific models, there wasn’t an exact count on how many of those would be priced under $100. Needless to say, it was said that at least some will be below the $100 price point.

To further clarify this $100 price point — also included in this mix of tablets with the new Bay Trail Atom SoC will be eight that are running Windows. But again, it stands to reason that at least a few of the sub-$100 tablets will be running Android. We are curious to see more of the specs aside from the processor, but it seems safe to think these will be lower end devices. And if nothing else, devices that are not necessarily going to be on the same level as the current gold-standard that is the Nexus 7.

Anyway, while that price point may be most important for some, there are also some other perks when it comes to the new Bay Trail Atom SoC. Specifically, it was said these tablets will see better battery life and better performance as compared to currently existing tablets with Intel Clover Trail or Clover Trail+.